New Orleans inspired Bungalow almost complete in 3rd Ward…

Urban Bungalow in 3rd Ward is this close to being DONE!

You wouldn’t believe the condition of this home and how it looked when I first saw it a few months ago…

In fact, this home was in such bad condition the owners couldn’t believe we planned on renovating this home and making it awesome again! Truth be told, I believe the reason they sold this home to us was because our vision was to make this home great again and an asset to this rapidly gentrifying area where most homes like this are being torn down.

The bottom pic is what it looked like when I first saw the home!

Do you see why people thought we were going to tear this home down! Extensive repairs were required as you can see… The entire roof had to be rebuilt, all the siding was removed in fact the only thing that remains from the existing home was the floor joists and some of the studs in the walls! So in essence, it’s a new construction home with the character of a 100 year old home!

We expect this home to be completed within the next 2 weeks and it will hit the market most likely for around $259k! Check back with us for the Open House we will be having once this home hits the market!

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