Framing Complete on our Inner City Mansion Project…

Framing Complete on our Inner City Mansion Project…

This is our BIGGEST project to date and it has been really cool working with the homeowner on this project as we get this home completed! There are several really cool features we have added along the process that will further enhance what I call the livability of this home along with it being situated on a huge corner lot!

This home also features 11 & 12 foot ceilings an inner courtyard with oversized windows in all of the surrounding rooms and a Man Cave that is like no other! Couple all of that with an ultra sturdy design built on a reinforced perimeter wall foundation with 12 foot piers underground that sits the home 4 feet above grade which puts this home well above the levels where homes have flooded in Houston lately!

Besides all of that there is an outdoor kitchen that we have planned that will be the stuff of legend… it’s always exciting to design and build a home when you don’t have to be concerned with the budget!

If you have desired to build your custom home but haven’t done so yet, we do offer a FREE Consultation to discuss your home building project! We have a full suite of services many of which are offered a la carte to provide a custom home construction solution that is unprecedented in the marketplace and delivers a strong value added proposition for our clients!


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