Beautiful Home Makeover for Momma T!

Houston Vintage Homes has been blessed to have a full schedule of new construction and major renovation projects but we commonly get requests for small remodels. Due to the size and scope of most of our projects we generally refer these requests to other contractors but in this case we had to make an exception to assist a distraught homeowner!

Our client initially hired a contractor and within a day they recognized they made a mistake in hiring and were concerned with what to do next! Having found out about HVH from Instagram, our client reached out to us and we knew we had to help them out! Take a look at the condition of the home when we arrived on the scene…

The homeowner, Momma T as she affectionately became known has lived in this home for over 20 years and really wanted to update it and modernize her home. Taking cues from her favorite colors and style we were able to craft a design that would meet all of her design objectives WITHOUT busting her budget.

In the end, we believe we hit all of the objectives dead on and to say our client LOVES her new home would be putting it mildy, take a look for yourself…

Too bad we didn’t have a chance to get better pictures before our client began using the space but we are just glad that Momma T now has an all new Living Room, updated bathroom and a place that makes her feel happy! It was fun working on this project and we look forward to one day helping you make your house a home one day!



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