Vintage Bungalow Renovation in Historic 5th Ward

This soon to be lovely, bungalow located in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of 5th Ward has come a long way in a short period of time. This home was literally sinking into the ground, had holes in the roof and literally was on the verge of imploding.

We knew this property had tons of potential and it was our mission to bring it back to life!

This property was purchased as a teardown and our first goal was to identify what could be salvaged from it. We then had to figure out what the new layout of this home would be as it was functionally obsolete and needed to be rethought and redesigned!

Just a hair under 800 square feet, there is not much space in this home so we had to be very strategic in how we laid the new floor plan out to ensure that it flows well and suits the way people live today!

In the upcoming days we will keep you posted on this gem as it gets closer to completion!

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