Treetop Villas – Affordable Housing Development coming to Fifth Ward!

Situated on a corner lot blocks from I-10 in the heart of 5th Ward…

The HVH team has been diligently working on the home designs for a development located in 5th Ward called Treetop Villas which will be very exciting to get started constructing!

Houston Vintage Homes was hired to source the land, develop it for multiple units, design and then construct the units! Literally a turn key development which we anticipate will be well received by the marketplace and will produce substantial returns for many years to come!

One of the main design attributes about this project was ensuring the units didn’t look like rentals. It’s quite common to see new construction rental properties that are very bland and basic in design and quite honestly they look like rental property! Our philosophy at HVH is “Our rentals don’t look like rentals!”

What we have found is that if you truly understand your market and you invest the time wisely during the design process you can actually design & build a phenomenal looking unit without breaking the budget. These units are a prime example of this design philosophy in place.

Each unit features 3 bedroom & 3 bathrooms, a 1 car garage and just over 1,100 square feet of living space! Take a look at the floorplan below…

The 1st & 2nd floor

Take a look at the exterior facade…

As we speak these units are going through the permitting process with the City of Houston and we expect to have that process complete and construction begin real soon! Stay tuned as we continue to update the blog with more information on this development.

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