Galleria Area Condo Makeover!

Here at Houston Vintage Homes we pride ourselves on providing a true turn-key solution to your residential real estate needs! This condo is a prime example of our full suite of services on display!

  1. The condo owner needed a FAST CASH SALE!
  2. The condo had some mold issues and needed updating!
  3. The Buyer was Out of State
  4. The Design, Renovation & Sale were all done 100% remotely. Our Investor Client has never seen the property!
  5. We completed the entire renovation & had the property under contract in 4 weeks!

See the video below:

Well what do you think?…

It was plenty of fun designing this wonderful condo even though we had some extreme budget constraints and were working on a really tight deadline but it all came together and worked out fine as it always does! One added benefit to working with Houston Vintage Homes is our keen attention to detail on product pricing and availability!

We were able to save our client a substantial amount of money by sourcing high quality products at phenomenal prices which allowed us to not only complete this project on-time but well under budget and to rave reviews from the potential buyers and the real estate agents that viewed it!

So whether you are a homeowner looking to update your home or you’re a Real Estate Investor looking for the ideal construction & design partner to help to take your business to the next level with highly profitable real estate projects, the team here at Houston Vintage Homes can help!

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