Affordable Suburban Oasis Renovation…

Affordable Suburban Oasis

At HVH our primary target area is within the 610 loop of Houston however under certain circumstances we will venture out into the suburbs to help a valued client with their property and such was the case for this home!

Unlike most of our properties which require extensive structural updates and repairs this home was easy in that we were only doing light repairs but first let’s take a look at the before pictures…

The property owners primary concern on this project was re-creating this home entirely without busting the budget. Literally they wanted an entirely new feel to the home without making any structural changes and our team here at HVH was up for the task!

After some extensive planning and design work here is what we came up with…

BOOM… There she goes! Another home transformed from the inside out and to rave reviews from our client!

To create a new feeling in this home we replaced all of the floorings with wood floors in the living areas and new carpet in the bedrooms while updating the paint scheme with warm & vibrant colors to add to the openness of the home!  In the kitchen, we were able to restain the cabinets and add granite countertops and a travertine backsplash with new stainless appliances for a modern gourmet feel!

We completely renovated both bathrooms adding all-new bathtubs, toilets, fixtures, and granite countertops to recreate those spaces and we topped this one with a new roof to ensure we protected the home for another 20-30 years!

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